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Pro Staff Trevor Parker

Lives in New York 

Pro Staffer Trevor Parker represents Soco Baits in the bass and walleye industry across New York. When Trevor is off the water he is always brain storming new techniques on rigging Soco products or coming up with one. When an idea comes to his mind we sit down and start drawing out the details.

Pro Staff Josh Martin

Lives in New York

Pro staffer Josh Martin knows trout fishing when it comes to drift boat fishing the mighty Oswego river! When Josh is on the water he is happy to help out any anglers in search of trout or salmon!

Pro Staff Zachary Hejacate

Lives in New York

Tournament bass angler Zachary Hejacate represents Soco Baits on his travels across the northeast. His drive and passion for the sports has landed him multiple top 10 finishes! Zack is also a avid ice fisherman chasing Walleye, Perch and Crappies in the cold winter months in the off season.

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